Security & Safety Films

No matter where you live or work, glass and windows pose one of the biggest threats to the safety of yourself, and those around you!

What you need, is a safer, smarter, cost-effective means of security.  When a window or other glass structure is broken, harmful shards of glass are sent flying into your environment, sometimes at very high velocities, leaving a path of destruction, damaging your property and potentially causing serious injury.  This can be prevented directly through the use of security/safety film.  

The process involves the application a thick, optically clear barrier film professionally bonded to the inside of your windows, which will reinforce the glass, helping to hold it safely in place upon impact.  Whether it's theft, extreme weather conditions, terrorism or even accidental injury you need protection from, our team at Signature Tinting is specially trained in the assessment, provision and application of safety/security films.  We can supply and professionally install a high quality safety/security film to meet your every need.  

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Safety/Security Film in the Home - The benefits of having safety/security film installed in your home include:

  • Having security window film applied to your windows will deter intruders as it will require several hard blows just to smash the glass and several more to create an opening large enough to reach in or enter through.   This will provide you with added protection for your valuables and personal safety.
  • Security film is professionally installed without drilling or special storage requirements, and it is applied to your existing windows, meaning you can benefit from added protection without the expense of having new windows or glass fitted.
  • Protect yourself and your family from the risk of serious injury and lacerations that can occur when windows are broken.  These risks will be reduced dramatically due to safety film, as it bonds very tightly to glass, therefore holding dangerous shards in place upon impact. Safety films greatly increase durability and resistance to shattering in a very unobtrusive way.
  • Severe weather including violent storms and gale-force winds can subject your family and property to serious damage.  By having safety film applied to the glass in your home, you will gain piece of mind knowing that you will be significantly more protected in severe weather conditions, and, you won't have the added worry of having to tape or board your windows in preparation of rough weather.
  • Safety/ Security film will not diffuse light transmission, create shadows or yellow over time meaning your view will remain clear and unobstructed.  Safety/Security films are also very easy to clean and carry a warranty of 5-10 years.
  • We provide a cutting edge range of safety/security films to suit your every need.  Our films are of exceptional quality and feature a patented scratch resistant coating.
  • Take safety/security film in your home to the next level with our structural sealants.  When safety/security film is applied to your glass, dangerous shards of glass will be contained, however, there is a chance that the entire window may come free from its frame allowing it to become airborne and free to cause injury and destruction.  We, at Signature, choose to use a silicone sealant when installing safety/security film as it ultimately bonds and anchors the film and glass to the existing window frame.  The structural sealant we choose to use is the only one of its kind that has been subjected to, and has passed rigorous tests and trials.  We can make glass in your home as safe as it possibly can be.

Why not take safety one step further and protect your family not only from dangerous shards of glass, but also from the harmful effects of the sun. Solar safety film will provide all the benefits of a safety/security film as listed above, and will also cut out 99% of harmful uv rays, prevent fading of your interiors, reduce the cost of cooling and heating your home, just to name a few benefits. Take a look at our Solar Films for more information.

Any glass in your home that can be mistaken for a doorway or opening creates a risk for injury.  Eliminate this risk by having a safety strip film applied to this surface making it obvious that the area is glass.  Maintain the aesthetic appeal of the area by selecting a safety strip film from our large variety of designs and colours ranging from subtly sophisticated to drammatically eye catching. 

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