Solar Film & Window Tinting

Do you wish to save money on your electricity bill? Are you sick of of your furniture, fabrics and fittings fading? Reduce heat and glare!

Do you enjoy the look of natural light in your home or work but want to avoid sunburn, glare and overheating?

If so, then having solar control tinting installed in your home or workplace is just what you've been looking for!

Whether you work in a large building or office block, or are just looking to enhance your home, solar tinting can benefit everyone, and our company can cater to any of your specific needs.

Looking For Commercial Solar Tinting?

Solar tinting in your home - If you are looking to have solar controlled film installed in your home, the benefits will include:

  • Protection against sunburn and the fading of furniture and fabrics as solar tinting will cut out 99% of harmful UV rays. This will enable you to enjoy the view outside, as well as the look of natural light provided by the sun, without fear of damage to your skin or your home.
  • The viewing of TV and computer screens will be made considerably easier, as solar tinting can cut out up to 93% of glare.
  • After installation of solar tinting, there will be a noticible reduction in regards to the cost of cooling your house in warmer months, as well as reducing the heat in your home by 78%.
  • Particular solar films can reduce heat loss by 60%, making your house warmer for you and your family in the cooler months, and reducing the cost of warming your home by a considerable amount.
  • Solar films are hardly noticable from either inside or outside your home and come in clear or a range of coloured finishes and a large selection of qualities so there is something to suit your home, whatever your requirements may be.
  • Application of solar film to your windows is a quick, easy and cost effective way to dramatically improve the aesthetics and conditions of your home.
  • The majority of our solar films carry a lifetime warranty for residential properties.

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