Office Solar Film & Window Tinting

Do you wish to save money on your electricity bill? Are you sick of of your furniture, fabrics and fittings fading? Reduce heat and glare!

Do you enjoy the look of natural light in your home or work but want to avoid sunburn, glare and overheating?

If so, then having solar control tinting installed in your home or workplace is just what you've been looking for!

Whether you work in a large building or office block, or are just looking to enhance your home, solar tinting can benefit everyone, and our company can cater to any of your specific needs.

Looking For Home Solar Tinting?

Solar tinting for businesses/in the workplace - If you are looking to have solar controlled film installed in a large building or office block, the benefits will include:

  • Solar tinting will give your building a clean, contemporary look as it will disguise the irregularities of non-uniform internal lighting, curtains, blinds and placement of furniture.
  • The clutter that can sometimes mount in the workplace such as objects on windowsills, objects leaning on windows and things stuck to the glass become invisible to the outside world, meaning your business can promote and maintain a professional and aesthetically pleasing corporate impression.
  • The building's energy rating will dramatically improve after the application of solar film. This is acknowledged as an innovative way for your business to reduce its energy consumption and green house gas emissions by the Windows Energy Rating Scheme.
  • Large buildings and office blocks will benefit significantly from the controlling properties of solar films, as they reduce the heat load entering the building, therefore also reducing the load on the air conditioning system.
  • The installation of solar tinting enables temperatures to be maintained at a level which is appropriate for all staff regardless of which part of the building they work in. This means, the common problem of hot/cold areas within large buildings is eliminated.
  • The application of solar film means all office interiors are protected from the suns damaging, fading qualities.
  • Keep staff happy and head-ache free by having your windows tinted with solar film. The workplace will be a much more productive environment when staff can concentrate on the task at hand as solar film cuts out 93% of glare making it much easier to view computer and TV screens.
  • Keep staff safe from the damaging qualities of the sun by having solar tint applied to office windows. Solar film cuts out 99% of the suns harmful UV rays.
  • Solar tinting is hardly noticeable from either inside or outside your building if you so choose it to be that way. Solar films come in clear or a range of coloured finishes and a large selection of qualities so there is something to suit your business, whatever your requirements may be.
  • Solar tinting is a much more cost-effective alternative to blocking out the harmful qualities of the sun than the purchasing of blinds and shades for every office window.
  • Solar tinting can also provide a more pleasant working environment, as it allows natural light to filter into the building and the outside view is never obstructed by blinds or shades.
  • Application of solar film to your windows by our professional team, is a quick, easy and cost effective process.
  • The warranty period for most solar films applied in the workplace is 10 years.

No matter what working environment you're in, office, corporate skyscraper of even a corner store, glass and windows pose the biggest threat to the safety of staff. Why not take it one step further and make your workplace/staff not only safe from the sun's damaging properties but also safe from the negative impact glass can create if broken. Take a look our Safety/Security Films.

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Sick of forking out money to have graffiti cleaned up or surfaces replaced due to graffiti? Well now there's a much more cost-effective way to manage graffiti and damaging scratches on your building and its interiors. Don't pay a fortune to maintain your businesse's visual appeal and take a look at our Anti Graffiti Films.

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