Anti-Graffiti Films

Have you noticed how unappealing places can look when they're covered in dirty graffiti?  Not only does it look bad but it has resulted in costing building owners, transport companies and tenants many thousands of dollars in annual clean up and repair costs.  Not to mention the negative effects on the commercial value of places, through loss of visual appeal.  

Finally, there is a much more economically viable and effective way to graffiti-proof just about anything that a vandal may consider marking or 'tagging'.  Give Signature Tinting and Signs a call, and be provided with friendly service and advice, as well as a quick and thorough installation of their anti-graffiti film, specially designed to act as a scratch-proof, sacrificial coating for your property.  Gain piece of mind and feel secure in the knowledge that your property is no longer vulnerable to graffiti vandals.

If you are looking to have anti-graffiti installed, some of the benefits will include:

  • An effective form of protection for any smooth, non-porous surface which means that our anti-graffiti film can be applied to just about anything you may be looking to protect, such as:  windows, retail store fronts, display windows, mirrors, stainless steel balustrades, lifts, escalators, marble, polished concrete, exterior and interior glazing, building facades, stairwells, bus shelters, counter tops and transport applications.
  • Anti-Graffiti film has proven to be particularly effective, due to the fact that no one, not even vandals, will know that you have had Anti Graffiti film installed, as it has excellent transparent qualities making it virtually invisible to the naked eye.
  • By having our team at Signature Tinting and Signs install Anti-Graffiti film, you will be provided with an extremely cost effective way of protecting glass and other hard surfaces, as it is 70-80% less than the cost of having an item, such as glass, replaced.
  • Our team at Signature Tinting and Signs is able to install, remove and replace Anti-Graffiti film very quickly, resulting in minimal disruption to work places or public services.
  • Anti-Graffiti film, is a hard-wearing, scratch-resistant, clear, polymer film.  So, not only will your property be protected by any ugly markings made by inks and paints, it will also be protected from any scratches or indentations.
  • Anti-Graffiti film is a reliable way to maintain and protect the visual appeal of your property, also making it a much simpler and cost-effective way of preserving the reputation of your business.


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